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The Cornerstone Project
This page introduces you to the Begin You campaign and community marketing assets. These are samples which can be customized to the features of your lodge and your community. 

Raising the visibility of your lodge begins with a bit of market research into your community. Next, is a review of the unique features of your community and an appraisal of your lodge's existing connections to them. Marketers call this an "opportunity assessment" because it gives you clues where to get the best bang for your buck. 

Members of The Cornerstone Project team will help guide you through the process. It sounds more complicated than it really is - but it reveals lots of things your lodge can consider doing to help more good men find you. 

Contact The Cornerstone Project team to get started: 

Community Visibility: the Begin You Campaign
Begin You is a community visibility campaign created by the Membership Committee of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon.


Begin You is an advertising and marketing campaign aimed at the public - men who might join us, the people in their lives who influence their decision, and the communities across BC and Yukon. 

The campaign comprises billboards, posters, social media, leaflets, etc. Together they aim to raise awareness, encourage enquiry and introduce Freemasonry to good men across our jurisdiction. 

Begin You, therefore, is the public-facing part of a larger initiative called The Cornerstone Project which is focussed on helping lodges improve the internal experience. The whole of The Cornerstone Project assists lodges in driving success in all areas of lodge life. 

Marketing Materials
I. Billboards & Posters

These can be adapted to your lodge for use in outdoor advertising, posters, print and also web placement on websites and in social media.


Improvement...made easy

Okay, please forgive the overstatement.
But we say it for two reasons.
First, because our entire focus is on simplifying proven processes into concise guides. A bit like a "one minute manager" for lodge improvement. We call them Pocket Guides and they make it simple to stay on track, keep focussed and see what needs to be done next. 
Second, because of the enthusiasm we see from the dozen++ lodges that have adopted these programs.
But first, let us answer some popular questions. 
What is the Cornerstone Project?

The Cornerstone Project was borne from the ad hoc Committee for Membership Development to answer a chicken and egg type question about declining membership in Freemasonry.

Should I focus on rebuilding my lodge by attracting new members first, or should I improve the enjoyment and operation of lodge before attracting new members?

Because the answer differs for each lodge depending on the priorities and challenges, the Cornerstone Project focusses on solutions that are chosen by the lodge and led from the grass roots. While our programs carry the Grand Line seal of approval, they are not improsed by Grand Lodge, rather they are selected by lodges.  

What are Pocket Guides

We have distilled proven programs and condensed best practices into Eight guides to improving lodge operations and increasing the enjoyment and reward Masons get from attending lodge. 

Each pocket guide simplifies the essential parts of much larger, foundation programs into a "manage at a glance" checklist of instructions, steps  

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Lodge Planning

A distillation of the Lodge Strategic Planning process into its most elemental parts.

Six Steps to Initiation

A quick guide to ensuring every seeker has what he needs and knows where to find what he wants. 

Lodge Officers Guide

The cheat sheet that no officer can go without. Perfect your current role and begin preparing for your next. 

Member Retention

A simple plan for long term engagement, enjoyment and enthusiam for Freemasonry. 

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LEAP - Lodge Excellence

Successful lodges in BC and Yukon score high on LEAP. Find out why and see what they're doing right.

New Member Pathway

Ensure your new EA makes it to MM and not only finds a home in his new lodge, but becomes fully engaged.

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Masonic Learning

The foundation of our Craft is finding true wisdom through learning. Here's how lodges can improve. 

Community Visibility

Here's how to improve lodge membership growth and visibility in your community. Begin You.

What's in a Cornerstone Presentation?
We present a proven set. of strategies, tailored to your lodge's needs and we discuss with you how to implement them

We structure the Cornerstone Presentation to your lodge according to what you want to learn and where you want to improve. The presentation will focus mainly on one or two of the Pocket Guide topics listed above. After an idesciption of the topic, framework and solutions, there usually follows and open discussion among your lodge leaders and all participating brethren. We typically see a lot of enthusiasm building here and brethren asking what happens next. 

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Cornerstone Quotes.001

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Cornerstone Quotes.002

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Cornerstone Quotes.004

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Cornerstone Quotes.001

What happens next?

We suggest the master and his officers strike a committee to look into implementation. We book a workshop with the committee and to outline steps, consideration, timing and consultation with brethren. Following the workshop, the committee leads assigns project tasks, owners and deadlines, and reports to the master on their progress.   

How long does a project take?

Plan on one term per project. Aim to complete one project before starting a new one. Completing a project gives brethren a sense of achievement and momentum that carries into the next project. 

If you have lots of horsepower - enough brethren with sufficient time to form two committees - you could consider concurrent projects.


Officer Training and Strategic Planning are popular first choices. Lodges that need more members might choose Community Visibility, Six Steps to Initiation and New Member Pathway. Lodges that want to increase engagement might consider Masonic Learning and Member Engagement. All lodges are encouraged to participate in LEAP and the pocket guides simplify this program's management and tracking.  

What support is available to lodge?

In addition to writing program guides, making presentations and running workshops, the Cornerstone Project will help you further customize Pocket Guides to your lodge and provide some assistance such as market research for attracting new members and raising visibility in your community. 


Community visibility materials

We also provide your lodge with a full suite of Community Awareness materials such as posters, flyers, signs and business cards. 

Begin You - Concept Boards.001
Begin You - Concept Boards.001

Begin You - Concept Boards.005
Begin You - Concept Boards.005

Begin You - Concept Boards.004
Begin You - Concept Boards.004

Begin You - Concept Boards.001
Begin You - Concept Boards.001

Book a presentation now

The Cornerstone team needs only a week to prepare a presentation for your lodge. The best way to begin is by thinking about which Pocket Guide would be suit the challenges your lodge faces. Officer Training is a popular topic. 

Click the button below to contact the Cornerstone team about booking a presentation.