Begin a journey
to a better you.

Begin You.

Your life's greatest work is bettering yourself.

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A man's greatest work is improving himself.


The milestones in our lives cause us to reflect on who we are, and who we need to become.

As we search for understanding and work to improve ourselves, we come to realize that each of us is a work in progress. And when we finally commit ourselves to the goal of bettering ourselves, we find a lifelong journey of enlightenment, discovery and reward. 

Freemasonry is a personal journey you take of self-discovery, of learning and self-improvement. It helps men of good character better themselves, their relationships and their communities.

It is the journey of a lifetime. Are you ready to begin?

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

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For many, Freemasonry offers practical life skills and experiences that are helpful in their relationships, family lives and careers, including:

  • leadership

  • public speaking

  • committee management

Freemasonry is not a social club or a business group. It's a fraternity of men of all ages, backgrounds and experiences who share the bond of friendship and common purpose to improve themselves and their communities.

The best time to become

your best self

is now.

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Take the steeper path. Grow. Learn. Improve.


Among other noble tenets, we are guided by Plato's four cardinal virtues of wisdom, temperance, fortitude and justice:


  • Wisdom - or prudence - is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action and timing in a given situation;

  • Temperance is applying restraint to one’s actions - self-control, discretion and foresight in our own decision-making;

  • Fortitude - or courage is the mental strength and endurance to manage our fear and confront uncertainty;

  • Justice is fairness, righteousness and the rational determination of what is right above convenience, advantage or retribution;

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Good men


better men.


For centuries, Freemasonry has included nobility, prime ministers and statesmen as well as entrepreneurs, labourers, craftsmen and others. Regardless of who we are outside of lodge, as Masons, we are equals and brothers. We call it "meeting on the level."

Freemasonry is non-denominational. It doesn't conflict with any religion but it does requires a belief in a higher being.

There are Freemason lodges all over BC, Canada, the Commonwealth and the world. Wherever you travel, there is a lodge of like-minded men to welcome you. 

While our lodges are for men only, most lodges have a calendar of social gatherings, outings and many events for the whole family. 

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Begin You.


Take the next step now.

Use the links and files below to get more information and find a lodge near you. Or contact us directly for more information.